SPSS Workshop 

Center of Economic Planning and Development Minhaj University Lahore conducted a workshop on “Analyzing Quantitative Data through SPSS “on 22th Feb, 2024, the interactive session, led by Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Chaudhary, aimed to enhance analytical skills for research assignments. Focused on data analysis using SPSS, the workshop empowered students and faculty with statistical basics. Dr. Khurram Shahzad (Registrar MUL) presented an appreciation shield to Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Choudhary. The participants will have the in-depth understanding of quantitative techniques for analysis, real life applications, computation through SPSS, interpretation of statistical results for problem solving and taking decisions in their professional fields.

The key highlights of the course were:
• Hands on Training in SPSS
• Questionnaire Framing
• Application of Statistical Tools
• Treatment of SPSS window
• Understanding of SPSS step by step
• Usage od SPSS for research purposes 


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